Bless your skin naturally with our Multi-purpose Shea Butter Moisturizer by Fodé Naturals
  • Multi-purpose Moisturizer: Best for moisturizing your beautiful skin, but can also be used for your face, hands, hair and more...
  • Only 6 ingredients: Organic Shea butter, Organic Coconut oil, Organic Jojoba oil, Organic Sweet almond oil, Organic Castor oil and essential oils for fragrance.
  • Healing properties of the natural oils can help with the healing and protection the skin
  • Natural and Sustainable, hand made with no harmful, artificial ingredients.
Made with Organic Shea butter from Mali, west Africa Scents: Djiene/Earth: Enjoy the natural aroma of our organic Shea butter, coconut, and other natural oils with no added fragrances. This scent has an earthy scent helping to ground your mind, body and spirit. Fiyen/Air: Lift yourself away with our air essential oil blend, inspired by nature. This scent has an airy ambiance to it, leaving the user feeling clear mentally, physically, and spiritually. Dji/Water: Cool down with our water essential oil blend. This scent is essentially fit for every and any scenario, flowing through any occasion or mood, like water.  Kalaman/Fire:Turn up the heat with our fire essential oil blend. This scent has a spicy kick to it that will bring out the fiery spirit within you.